My Psalm to God

Posted: August 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

When I fall, who is it that picks me back up?

When I lose my way, who guides me back on the right path?

When I sin, who forgives me?

When I am hurting, who comforts me?

When I am crying, who holds me close?

When I am weak, who gives me strength?

When I walk away, who waits for my return?

When I return, who welcomes me back with open arms?

When I rejoice, who gives me happiness?

When I am singing, who am I singing to?

When I am praying, who is listening?

You, oh Lord.  The answer is you.  

You made the heavens and the earth.  You made all things. 

You are the great and almighty God. 

Yet, even with how big you are, you still remember me. 

Without you Lord, I am nothing.  With you Lord, I can do anything. 

Help me to remember all that you have done for me.  

I long to worship you.

I long to love you.

I long to hear your voice.

I long to see you in all of your glory.

Every moment of every day help me to rededicate my life to you. 

My Lord, my savior, my redeemer, my everything.


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