New Day

Posted: September 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

I received a copy of my transcript from my tenure at the University of Tennessee today.  I spent 7.5 years of my life there and had some amazing times.  But then I looked at my transcript, and remembered especially the last 2 years, where things began to fall apart for me.  I began to remember all the times I did poorly in class.  I remembered the classes I failed, and I remembered the pain and turmoil I was going through.  My last year in school was really rough.  I worried myself into depression, and most days I had trouble just getting out of bed. 

Looking at my transcript reminded me of a painful past.  It reminded me of my failures and my past mistakes.  It was difficult to look at.

Then I began to think about Tim’s message on Sunday, the “Old School” series, where he talked about starting over.  He talked about how at the beginning of the new semester, you get to start fresh.  You start with a clean slate.  I don’t have to live by my label of “non college graduate.”  I can start fresh.  I can change. 

I was watching “Freaks and Geeks” last night with the roommates, and in one section this guy talks about his transition from high school to college.  He mentioned that when he went to college, he dropped the label of the dork who got beat up all the time and decided to become a “handsome ladies man.” 

Every day, we have the choice to start with a clean slate.  Every day Jesus removes our past and we can choose to start over, or if we want we can choose to dwell in our past mistakes and allow that to keep us stuck, making us feel like we can’t do any better.  I struggle with this. I tend to focus on my mistakes rather than remember that whatever happened in the past cannot be changed. 

I have the opportunity to have a fresh start.  I don’t have to be chained to my past.  I can choose to ask God to help me move on.  If I don’t, then I am making a choice to not get better, and therefore missing out on some great blessings that God has in store for me.  It’s my choice.

So now, the million dollar question is:  What will I choose to do?


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