Maturity…Not the Same as Tenure

Posted: September 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

bible-1Many of you who know me know about my college experience.  Although I did a lot in college (8 years will allow you a lot of time to do a lot of things) I didn’t succeed a lot.  I spent a lot of time in college.  I marched in the band, travelled, and experienced a lot of things that most people will never experience.  I was asked one time if I had made tenure yet.  I spent more time in college than most doctoral students, for a bachelor’s degree…which I never finished. 

The ultimate question is did I grow in college?  Did I learn anything?  I’m sure I learned a little, but I didn’t apply it.  I didn’t learn from my mistakes.  I spent more time hanging out with friends and doing band stuff than I did attending class.  I waited until the last minute to try and get a passing grade.  My thought was “D stands for Diploma.” 

What was I doing?  Why did I waste my time all those years?  Sure I had fun, and have amazing memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything, but I didn’t learn anything.  In Tim’s message today he said something that really stuck with me.  He said “spiritual tenure is not the same as spiritual maturity.”  The same things apply in life.  I was in college for a very long time, but I never grew up.  I was like Peter Pan. 

Now I look at my spiritual life and wonder, am I growing?  Am I maturing in my faith?  Would God say I am growing or would he say I’m still drinking spiritual milk?  I have a sad feeling that He would give me a bottle rather than a steak, and that bothers me.  I keep wondering what would happen if I apply myself.  I have the capacity to learn, I have just made a choice not to.  I would do it for a while; I used read my Bible every day, but lately I have fallen short on that. 

I don’t want to be immature in my faith.  I have a responsibility to God, myself, and those that I mentor to continue to grow, and it’s not fair to anyone, including God and myself to continue not to grow.  I desire more, and I know that God desires more.  The song “Lord I Give You My Heart” really hit me hard today.  I realized that I have not given God everything, and today I truly felt God tugging on my heart today to sing that song and mean it.  God wants my heart.  It was all I could do today to not start tearing up when we closed with that song today.  I did mean it today.  And I make a vow before God to grow in Him and become more Christ like.  I know that God has amazing plans for me if I just open my heart to His will. 

Are you growing in your faith?  Or are you still being fed with a bottle rather than a T-bone?


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