Checking My Stats

Posted: September 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

stock-market-roller-coasterI love the program I use to run my blog.  It’s way cool.  I can add pictures (cause I know I have trouble reading when there are no pictures) but the coolest thing is the stats page.  It rocks.  It tells me how many people read my blog on any given day.  The only problem is that I think it is set on Australian time because if I launch a blog at noon on a Wednesday in 3 hours it is showing me that I have some viewers on Wednesday and Thursday.  It’s like my blog has some sort of time vortex that causes it to jump through time.  I would love to follow my blog into the future…that would be way awesome.

I love to check my stats.  I love knowing how many people read my blog.  It’s cool to know that on one day I had almost 60 people read my blog, which happened to be the one about the ex-con former housemate who randomly walked into my house.  Yeah, I would want to read about that too.  The only problem is that sometimes my stats read like the Stockmarket.  There are some days when no one reads it!  And to be honest I feel a little sad inside, kind of like that Indian that sees all the trash and a single tear rolls down his cheek.  I wonder, “how come no one has read my post?  Was it bad?  Did the title not grab anyone’s attention?” 

The real question I should be asking myself is “who am I doing this for?”  See, I have this dream that I write these amazing blogs and thousands of people read them and come to know Christ and I go on Oprah and sell my blogs in a book and take a world tour with Chris Tomlin and lead the whole world to Jesus.  Doesn’t that sound awesome?  It does, and I’m going to email Oprah and Chris Tomlin after this, but until that happens, I should remember who should get the glory here.  See, I write to show the love I have for my savior.  I write these for him.  God doesn’t want me to write stuff so that other people can be touched, he wants me to write so that He can be touched, and if I do that, He will take care of the rest. 

Sometimes I can become so focused on how many people read my blog that I forget that there is only one that I should care about…God.  Now, God won’t send me a Facebook message telling me how cool I am or how awesome my post was.  He won’t give me a Twitter shout out like “@bigorangematty, you rock today…Love ya bro!  From @Alpha_Omega..”  God doesn’t even show up on my stat page…unless He is the one reading it from the future…Hmmm, didn’t think about that before. 

It’s hard to remember that when I write it is for God’s glory and not mine, and if I work on pleasing him, even if He is the only one who reads it, then that is fine with me.  Because if God thinks I’m awesome, then nothing else will ever come close to that.  And guess what, God thinks I’m pretty awesome, and he thinks you’re pretty awesome too.


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