Jesus says “I Love You.”

Posted: December 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

I was looking on Facebook today, all proud of my 1,000 friends, or “friends,” if you think like that, and I began to wonder:  How long would it take me to name them all?  Probably a while.  I bet I would probably forget many of them.  They even say that most people if they were asked to write down the names of every state in 30 minutes that most people would forget at least 1. 

When we think about our human brains and how much we can remember it’s interesting to think of what we don’t remember as well.  Most of us, like my dad, begin to forget things as we get older.  I think that is what amazes me about God.  A few weeks ago I was thinking about the crucifixion of Jesus and I began to wonder if Jesus at any time thought of me while He was on the cross.  In human terms it would have been impossible.  He wasn’t up there but for several hours.  How could he think about me, or my dad, or everyone for that matter?  I mean, there are 6 billion people on the earth, and there have been billions before us.  How could He think about each of us in that span of time?  You know what?  I think He did.  It’s not entirely scriptural, but if God knows every hair on my head than it is possible that Jesus thought of me as He was suffering on the cross.  I like to think that when it got really bad that He kept remembering why He was up there, and I bet in his powerful mind that knows no limits, He probably thought about me, and my dad, my mom, my brother; everybody. 

When I look at the cross like that, it makes it very personal for me.  And I think that with God it is personal.  God is described as a widow who loses her coin, a shepherd that loses a sheep, a father waiting for his son to come home.  I think God makes it personal for each of us, and when I begin to think like that it changes my perception of who I am.  To think that with every nail in his hand, thorn on his brow, and agonizing breath He took he was telling me He loved me.  God made it personal for each of us.  That’s the kind of God He is.  He is a God who is involved in our lives and cares deeply about each and every soul. 

My God loves me.  He loves me with a love that I don’t know and can’t explain.  He loves me not because I am perfect, or wealthy or handsome, but because He made me.  What an amazing thought:  A God who loved me and you so much that He came and died so that one day we can be with Him in heaven.  Now that’s personal.


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