Christmas Presents

Posted: December 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

The other day I was at Chipotle with some friends from church.  For all my Tennessee peeps Chipotle is a lot like Moe’s but way better, but no “WELCOME TO MOOOOOES!”  when you walk in…Oh well.  Anywho, I am sitting there and this adorable little child from the Winter Clan named Brooks comes up to me and asks, “If Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, how come we get all the presents?”  For being 3, or 4, or maybe 5, that was a brilliant question, and to be honest I didn’t have an answer.  But it really got me thinking about Jesus and Christmas.

Now, most scholars believe that Jesus was not in fact born on December 25, however, we take this time each year to sit back and remember His birth.  We take the time to think of Mary, and how she had enough faith to know that God was going to take care of her.  We think of Joseph, and how even with all the issues that happen when your soon to be virgin wife gets pregnant and it’s not yours, how he trusted God through that whole ordeal.  I think about the Jewish people and their hopeful anticipation of a savior.  And most importantly, I think of Baby Jesus; God himself as a weak and helpless child, who breaks into our world in a way that only He could.

Here’s my thought on Brooks question.  Jesus was the ultimate gift.  He is the most important gift that we can ever have.  This time of year is designed to help us see past ourselves and look toward others, which is what Jesus did when He came into this world.  He put aside His holiness, His throne, and even His immortality for us.  Why?  Now this is just my thought and I could be wrong, but I think that God thinks of each of us as a gift.  He sees us as priceless and incredible.  I think that when one of His children decide to follow Him and love Him then it’s like opening another present.  So my answer to the question is this.  God gave us the perfect gift, Jesus Christ, so that we might be given back to Him.

So, may you find Jesus this Christmas.  May you open that perfect gift and accept it.  May you see how much God loves you.  And may you give yourself back to God, because all He wants for Christmas is you.


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