Mary Did You Know?

Posted: December 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

Tonight I’m watching “The Nativity Story.”   It really began to make me think about Jesus and His birth.  I thought of Mary and her faith in God.  I think of Joseph and how he trusted God even when he knew people would look at him differently.  I wonder what might have gone through their minds as they prepared to bring Jesus into the world.  Did Joseph wonder what kind of father he would be?  I mean, he is going to be raising Jesus, the Messiah!  I would have been scared out of my mind.  I would doubt my abilities.  I would wonder if there was even anything I would be able to teach Him.  I then begin to think about the night of His birth.  Here they are with the farm animals in a shelter that probably didn’t smell too well.  Then, Jesus is born.  He cries.  The son of God is crying and screaming and completely dependent on Mary and Joseph.  Then, as they lie in the stable, shepherds and wise men come to them.  That must have been a sight to see.  Can you imagine, Mary and Joseph laying there with their son and here come a bunch of guys who have traveled from far away just to see Him.  I wonder what must have been going through their minds as they showed up to worship their son.  Amazing.  That’s the wonder of this story.  God chose ordinary people in an ordinary place to do His greatest miracle.  He didn’t pick the best priest to raise Jesus.  He didn’t pick the smartest girl.  This night was extraordinary and ordinary at the same time. 

This story reminds me that God can use anyone to change the world.  If He can use a carpenter and a young woman to bring the Savior into the world, then I know that He has great plans for me to.  I just have to be willing to allow God to do His will in my life, just like Mary did.


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