The Biggest Winner

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

I love Hulu.  I love watching TV on my computer.  It’s free and fewer commercials, plus I can watch it whenever I want.  It’s great.  Today, I watched the latest episode of The Biggest Loser.  It was probably one of the most amazing episodes I have ever seen.

This week, there was a “red line.”  Whoever had lost the least amount of weight would automatically be sent home.  When the weigh in started, you could tell that everyone was nervous about the red line.  Jen, who lost her father to elimination last week, gained 2 pounds, automatically putting her below the red line.  After the red team weigh in, It looked like she was going to be the one going home.  Then, the black team took their turn.  They didn’t have very strong numbers, and it looked like the red team was going to only lose Jen and the black team would have to vote to eliminate someone.   Then, the most amazing thing happened.  The parents on the black team, 2 mothers and one father, all deliberately gained weight so that they could protect their children and allow them to stay on the show for at least one more week.  One mother, Deni, gained 8 pounds and was automatically sent home, but because of her sacrifice, she saved Jen from going home.  As she was leaving, she was told that she was not the biggest loser, to which she replied “I’m the biggest winner.”

What an amazing story of grace and sacrifice.  Here is a woman who knew what the consequences would be if she gained weight and sacrificed herself to save her daughter.

Jesus did the same thing for us.  He could have easily looked after himself, but He didn’t.  Instead, He sacrificed his life so that we might live.  I know that sometimes I forget to see Jesus as a loving father.  I know He died for me but today I am reminded of how much He loves me.  Jesus, knew that I was “below the red line” so to speak, and he sacrificed Himself so that I would be safe.

Tonight I witnessed a Christ-like example of love, sacrifice, and grace.  It would have been so easy to just let them fall below, because they didn’t meet the expectations.  Jen should have gone home, but because of the love of one parent, she was spared, and was given new life.  That’s the beauty of grace.   And for Christ, just like Deni, and the other parents who sacrificed themselves, He doesn’t consider Himself a loser, but He knows that he is the biggest winner of all, because to see us be with Him is the best thing in the world to Him.  So, thank you, the parents of the black team, for showing the world tonight the power of love and sacrifice.  You have reminded me of the love of Christ, who died for me, so that I can be free to live.



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