Worship Production Part 3: Media Production

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

One of my favorite aspects of worship production involves media production.  I love doing all of the multimedia stuff for the church.  The biggest thing I do every week is record and upload the sermon to the New Vintage website.

Once I get home from church, I upload Tim’s sermon to my computer.  After that I add intro and title slides, and also add any other videos or items of importance to the video.  Once the video is edited, I render it into a file size that can be uploaded, then I upload it to the website.   I will also separate out the video and audio and create an audio mp3 that we can place on a podcast.

The other aspect of media production is creating videos for the church.  For me, this is the most exciting thing to do.  I love being able to brainstorm and create a storyline.  I love filming and then editing to make something beautiful.  There are a lot of steps to making a good video.  Here are some guidelines that I follow to help me in the process.

The most important thing for me is to make sure I know why I want to make a certain video.  Am I trying to promote something, like an event?  Am I just trying to be funny?  Am I trying to make people think?  What is the purpose?  This is very important because this way I know how to write, produce, and edit the video into what I want.

The next step is to try and figure out the environment for which the video will be viewed.  This ties into my previous point.  I like to figure out what Tim is going to be preaching on in the future so that I have adequate time to come up with something that works for his sermon or series.

Another thought is to make sure that you have good lighting.  Lighting really plays an important part in video production.  If your subject is not properly lit, then it makes them more difficult to see, and that can distract from the message of the video.  For example, if I am filming a testimony video and my subject is cast in a large shadow that makes him difficult to see, then, it’s harder to pay attention to what he is saying, which is supposed to be the most important part.

Musical selection for videos is also very important.  When choosing background music, I try and figure out what style will complement the overall message.  If the video is somber and reflective, then I probably don’t want a fast paced, energetic song.  I might choose something like a piano or strings, something that feels more somber and reflective.  If I am filming a funny video, then I will use something more upbeat and quirky, like a polka or Dixieland band style.

I want to close this series with this:  It’s important to remember that while we all want the best worship possible with the fewest mistakes, we must not forget who we are really doing all of this for, and that is God.  Every Sunday I do my best not because of the staff or so that someone will think that I did a good job, but so that God may be glorified.  He gave me the talents I have so that I can use them for His glory.   I pray that as we continue to grow at New Vintage Church that all of us remember who it is we worship, and whom it is we work for.  We all work for God.  This blog was designed as a way to show the joy I feel when serving in the church.  I also wanted to create a tool for others to use in their churches.  Please feel free to contact me for advice or even if you have an idea you would like to share.  Remember, we are all striving for the same goal, and that is to let the light of Christ shine through us so that He may be glorified, and so that others can see how wonderful He really is.




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